Choose “Tofu” to suit the menu. During the Vegetarian Festival

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Choose tofu for the Vegetarian Festival

hard white tofu

Hard white tofu that we may have seen people fry. It’s a fried tofu menu. Dipped in a sweet dipping sauce and stuffed with beans, this firm white tofu provides approximately 145 kilocalories of energy and 12 grams of protein per 100 grams of tofu. ufabet

Hard white tofu will have a bland taste. But with characteristics that are reasonably hard It doesn’t get soft and mushy like other types of tofu. Therefore suitable for stir frying vegetables. Put in stewed soup Or you can make it into tofus steak.

light white tofu

Soft white tofus is often seen in steamed, steamed, and stuffed savory dishes. It is also often seen in menus from foreign countries such as Japan, Korea, or China, such as tofus in kimchi soup. or Japanese cold tofus Young white tofus provides 145 kilocalories of energy and 8 grams of protein per 100 grams of tofus. 

light white tofus It has a rather soft texture. May get messy easily and has a bland taste Suitable for cooking in a way that requires a clear seasoning of the tofus, such as tofus with various sauces, salad dressing, chili paste, etc. It is also suitable for adding to flavorful curries, kimchi soup, Korean soft tofus soup. Including soup soup in our country. 

Tube tofu

Tofu tubes include white tofus tubes. with chicken egg tube tofus that will turn a soft yellow color (If you are vegetarian, you cannot eat egg tofus. But vegetarians can eat it.) The package comes in the form of baked tubes that can be eaten 1 tube at a time without having to cut into portions and refrigerate to eat later, like hard and soft white tofus. Tofus straws provide 60-70 kilocalories of energy and 6-13 grams of protein (depending on the amount of soybeans) per 100 grams of tofus. Tofus straws have a mild flavor. that can be easily used for cooking Suitable for stir-fried and boiled foods. Can be used well in soups, sukiyaki, and similar foods.

yellow hard tofu

Yellow hard tofus is very popular during the Vegetarian Festival. Because it is tofus with a texture that is not too soft. Yellow hard tofus provides 145 kilocalories of energy and 16 grams of protein per 100 grams of tofus. The taste is slightly salty. Therefore, it is often stir-fried with bean sprouts that have no taste. Ready to season lightly. Or stir-fry with other vegetables as you like. It’s suitable for food that can be reheated because the meat isn’t too mushy.