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Precautions for Using Turmeric Safely.

Turmeric It is a spice that is widely used in the cuisine of Asian countries. Especially curry dishes With a unique taste and color, it is spicy and slightly bitter. Therefore, it is used as a seasoning or coloring in various types of products and extracted into essential oils food.

Frozen food safety.

Frozen food that is continuously kept at 0°C is always safe from pathogens. Because freezing slows down the movement of molecules. Causing the microorganisms in the food to temporarily stop growing It is these microorganisms that cause spoilage and food poisoning. But the quality of frozen food may differ from the suitability

Salt with health benefits.

Salt or sodium salt contains many minerals that are beneficial to the body. If eaten in the right amount. It may have positive effects on physical health as follows: Salt is an ingredient that every home must have in the kitchen for cooking. so that the food in each

Benefits of consuming matcha.

In addition to the taste that many people like. Matcha also contains substances that are beneficial to the body in many ways, such as 1. Reduce the risk of developing certain diseases or conditions Rich matcha Lots of antioxidants, especially catechins, substances that may help lower blood pressure. total cholesterol level bad cholesterol

“Insomnia” is life-threatening. If you buy medicine to take yourself

In the average person, insomnia can occur 1-2 nights per week. This is considered normal. But in unusual cases There will be problems for more than 2 weeks in a row and continuously. Common symptoms include: สมัคร ufabet This medical problem is considere not a disease itself. But it

Choose “Tofu” to suit the menu. During the Vegetarian Festival

Choose tofu for the Vegetarian Festival hard white tofu Hard white tofu that we may have seen people fry. It’s a fried tofu menu. Dipped in a sweet dipping sauce and stuffed with beans, this firm white tofu provides approximately 145 kilocalories of energy and 12 grams

Observe 9 symptoms that qualify as “Dementia”

Dementia  is a symptom of abnormal brain function in memory, thinking, reasoning, language use, and environmental perception. This causes problems in thinking, decision making, behavior and emotions changing from before. which affects living life or doing daily activities Until finally many patients Couldn’t help myself. There must be a close caregiver.

Is “vermicelli” a “protein” or a “starch”?

You already know that “  cellophane noodle” is made from “mung beans”. Since beans are a plant that stands out in terms of “protein” nutrients, many people think that vermicelli has nutritional value. Just like mung beans, that is, it’s protein. But in fact Is vermicelli really a protein? Why do many people insist

8 fruits and vegetables that should not be peeled before eating

Many fruits and vegetables that we intend to eat to get vitamins. and minerals that are beneficial to the body But I didn’t realize that I had destroyed the good things. There are benefits that nature gives out by “peeling” and throwing it away. Are there any fruits and

Century eggs are safe or contaminated with lead?

One of our friends is a very fond of century eggs. Whenever I see an order Every menu must contain century eggs. Will it be harmful to the body or not? What are century eggs made from? Is there a way to observe century egg that are safe for the