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Observe 9 symptoms that qualify as “Dementia”

Dementia  is a symptom of abnormal brain function in memory, thinking, reasoning, language use, and environmental perception. This causes problems in thinking, decision making, behavior and emotions changing from before. which affects living life or doing daily activities Until finally many patients Couldn’t help myself. There must be a close caregiver.

Is “vermicelli” a “protein” or a “starch”?

You already know that “  cellophane noodle” is made from “mung beans”. Since beans are a plant that stands out in terms of “protein” nutrients, many people think that vermicelli has nutritional value. Just like mung beans, that is, it’s protein. But in fact Is vermicelli really a protein? Why do many people insist

8 fruits and vegetables that should not be peeled before eating

Many fruits and vegetables that we intend to eat to get vitamins. and minerals that are beneficial to the body But I didn’t realize that I had destroyed the good things. There are benefits that nature gives out by “peeling” and throwing it away. Are there any fruits and

Century eggs are safe or contaminated with lead?

One of our friends is a very fond of century eggs. Whenever I see an order Every menu must contain century eggs. Will it be harmful to the body or not? What are century eggs made from? Is there a way to observe century egg that are safe for the

10 benefits of “Pumpkin” to lose weight – diabetes – cancer

The clean food trend continues to gain momentum over the years. and likely to stay with Thai young people for a long time Anyone who buys clean food Or make clean food and eat by yourself. Probably have seen this precious ingredient often, that is “pumpkin“ . Why do most clean

10 benefits of mangosteen, the queen of c

“Mangosteen” is a fruit that Thai people are familiar with and may be a favorite of many people. Especially when knowing how rich in nutrients and vitamins mangosteens is . Probably not too much of a metaphor. Because in a small mangosteens This contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. ยููฟ่าเบท