‘Biskan’ received a transfer to Liverpool at first

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Igor Biskan, former Croatian national footballer He admits that he felt that he wasn’t good enough when he moved to Liverpool in 2000.

The former midfielder moved from Dinamo Zagrab to the Reds under Gerard Houllier in December 2000. At £5.5m, he has struggled with adaptation,

however, having settled in and made 118 appearances during his four-and-a-half years at Anfield. 

He eventually moved to Panathinaikos on a free transfer after winning the Champions League in Istanbul Biskan,

where he is now Croatia’s national team manager. The Under-21s said: “I’m not good enough, to be honest, it took me quite a lot of time to adjust, understand and find a place within the team. Under a team that plays football like this.”

“It’s not easy, I haven’t played that much. I just had to change some things I thought about the game. Then I can do it when I can. When I can change something I still have to be patient Give yourself some more time.”

“Then it’s okay. I feel much better And I felt myself playing more easily than I, “

” The original plan was for me to England in January, ended the season in Croatia at the beginning of December, and they said they would give. I have a break Because it’s normal in Croatia. And most countries in Europe,

“but as soon as I finish the season in Croatia They said it was because of injuries. So I had to go to the team as soon as possible.”

“I played my last game in Croatia, probably December 3, and the next week it was against Ipswich. It’s very fast.”

“In the first four or five games I was fine mentally and physically. But then I started to feel pain everywhere. Because changing everything is too much both the concentration Physically, it’s different from what I’m used to in Croatia.”

“As far as I remember, I had some problems. especially I hurt my back a lot Then I started having problems for the rest of the season,

but you can’t complain when you get the chance to play. And the first season I moved in was amazing. We won almost all the titles

. which you must overcome to qualify for the next round and give yourself a chance to win a championship But it’s amazing.”