Brendan Rodgers was reckless even after winning 2-0.

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Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers said he was reckless despite winning 2-0 in the opening football match.

Blue fox Open home to beat Rennes 2-0 in the Conference League round of 16 first leg on Thursday night. The second game will be played in France next week.

“It was a great win against a team that scores a lot of goals. We limit them to only one shot on target.

“We work hard. Score two wonderful goals. I enjoy our game We look better in the beginning and we lost but gradually. grow into the game Got a goal and it was a wonderful ending.

“2-0 is the score of patience. You UFABET cannot be satisfied. We all saw what happen last night (Wednesday) against PSG and Real Madrid.

“We switch teams and we have attack players who are quick and able to counter attack.”

History Brendan Rodgers

Rodgers was born in Carnlock to his parents Malachilai and Christina, Rodgers was the eldest son of his parents. Rodgers graduated from St. Patrick’s University in Ballymena. Rodgers enjoyed playing soccer as a child and after school He went to practice playing football in One of the children’s soccer fields in Carnlock.

Personal awards. 

  • Managers Guild Manager of the Year (1): 2013–14 
  • Premier League Manager of the Month 3 times: January 2012, August 2013, March 2014.
  • Football League Championship Manager of the Month: February 2011
  • Liverpool FC Outstanding Achievement Award (1): 2014