“Handanovic” accepts the snake as the vice-king of sharpness

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Samir Handanovic goalkeeper of Inter Milan for what they are inferior to rival Real Madrid was the sharpest in the last only.

“Python” Raiders of the lost “White King. “With a score of 2-0 in the final match of last night’s Champions League group stage,

Inter Milan invaded the Spanish capital hoping to win. to qualify for the last 16 with the championship title Even if it can’t do as expected But through to the finals as No. 2

Handanovic sees that the difference between the two teams is only about the sharpness of scoring goals.

“Overall we had a good game. But we have to focus and finish with more opportunities. We knew we had to take risks and that allowed Real Madrid players to play counter-attacks,” he said

. But not enough shots on target in those occasions.”

“We held Real Madrid in both games, home and away, but the difference is they are sharp when they get the chance to score. But we can’t do that.”

“Both teams put on each other. I believe the fans will enjoy it. This game confirms our status. But it shows that we still have to do better in the last area.”