Jurgen Klopp believes Milan’s future is bright – optimistic CL

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp came out to admire AC Milan has a bright future ahead. and considered that it should not be the last of the group

Group C final match In the Champions League on Tuesday night, the Reds defeated the Red Devils 2-1 and became the first English team to win six matches in a row in the group stage.

This defeat resulted in Milan being eliminated and not even playing in the Europa League. league because they also dropped into the plum of the group. With just four points from six games

after the game, when asked if Milan should be the bottom of the group Klopp said ‘no’:

“I really like the AC Milan project, it’s a good mix of youngsters and experienced ones. It’s a very good team when they’re all together.”

“Obviously now they have injuries. which is a detriment to anyone But if these players are together It will be very interesting what will happen in the next few years. I’m really excited about that.”

“Nobody in this group deserves to be last. But maybe it’s a good thing because now is a wonderful season in Serie A. Probably won’t be disturbed by European football anymore. Now they can concentrate on the league. They should take advantage of it, “

Milan currently lead Serie A sergeant with the points away champion and rival Inter. Milan just one point After playing 16 matches.