Lindelof like “David de Gea”, world-class goalkeeper

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Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof has praised team-mate David de Gea for being a world-class goalkeeper.

Mr Dan Blood Bull recently won the Player of the Month for November of the “Red Devils” after showing continued solid form. Although the team’s overall performance was not very good

, Lindelof spoke of the 31-year-old goalkeeper, hailed as world-class. And it’s number 1 in my opinion.

“He is truly world-class,” he said on the club’s website.

“In my opinion He’s the No. 1 goalkeeper in the world and he’s shown that this season

. and help us a lot I’m delighted with him and we have a great relationship on and off the pitch. So I’m happy with him.”

“It’s very important. Communication matters as well. We talk in Spanish and Portuguese. which is important You know he’ll always be right behind you. And if you make a mistake or let your opponent get off. He will be there to protect you. It’s always nice to know there’s David behind

me. He’s a world-class goalkeeper and No. 1 for me, his reactions and things are amazing. everything in his play They also use their feet to play the ball well. Let me say once again that he is world class.”