Matthaus wonders who pitted ‘Jude’ to dig up the past of Pao.

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Lothar Matthaus has defended Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham in an interview with the referees. But I wonder who’s playing the role to talk about the past.

In the game in which the “Yellow Tigers” open the home defeat to rivals for the championship, Bayern Munich 3-2, there are issues that make the home team unsatisfied from The winning goal came from Mats Hummels’ handball from the penalty spot, as well as Marco Reus’ crash in the box earlier, which they thought should have been a penalty.

By the end of the game, there are home players like Bellingham has been hot-headed and has spoken out about the matter and has targeted referee Zwayer, who was convicted of a match-fixing scandal in 2005.

The report revealed that now England national team star The police were summoned for an examination after a criminal complaint was filed. The case will be referred to the Dortmund Prosecutor’s Office. That will determine whether it is a criminal offense against Jude. Matthaus

said of the matter, “Yeah, Jude Bellingham’s words don’t make sense today. The same is fine.”

“But I can understand how irritated and angry he was after the game. Adrenaline and emotions It’s really hard to control. When you lose an important game, there is a skeptical decision. But you don’t have to do anything too

much. ” “As far as I know. He should donate the fine to charity. And then it’s all over.”

“No matter what I wonder why an 18-year-old English player knows Ms. Swayer’s past so well? Who sent it to him before the interview?”