‘Rangnick’ tells him to hurry up and think of bringing the Man Utd to win CL

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick has said it is not as easy to do as Thomas Tuchel, with a move that could lead the club to European champions in just a few months. But insisting on the team’s ambitions to succeed.

Rangnick has just been appointed interim at the Red Devils on a six-month contract, but is now expected to go the extra mile to win the UEFA Champions League. Following in the footsteps of Tuchel, who had made the move to Chelsea last season,

Rangnick responded to reporters’ questions before the Young Boys game about the issue, saying:

“It’s too fast. I’ve only been working here for a week. It’s too soon,” said Rangnick,

“but with Manchester United we are a team that wants success. and ambitious in all competitions.

“What Thomas Tuchel did in his four months at Chelsea It’s unbelievable, if someone were to tell Marina or Roman what would happen. Or they can look through a crystal ball to see the future in the next four months.. It’s incredible, “

” To win the Champions League. Champions League, finished fourth in the league and top the table this season. with almost the same players It was a great achievement. I’m not sure I can say that things will develop in the same direction for me at United.”

For Wednesday’s game, Rangnick confirmed that he would rotate the team to deal with the visitors’ Young Boys, giving him a good chance. Henderson is in the starting XI as well as Van de Beek in midfield.

“I haven’t decided on the final team yet. But it is reasonable to rest some players positioned to suit the application, very tight, “said Nick nest.”

“Henderson and Van de Beek will play tomorrow, will be the first 11 to play.”