“Simeone” praises “Atletico” who fought with all their heart in knockout CL

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Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone is proud of his side’s victory over Porto and qualifying for the knockout

stages of the Champions League in Group B. On Tuesday night, ” Atletico Madrid ” has only one duty, which is to beat Porto if you want to qualify.

This game, they have a serious problem in the defensive line that lacks injuries. Including Jose Gimenez, Stefan Savic, Kieran Trippier, and Felipe is also penalized.

However, they had Antoine Griezmann, who was a man of the match. Scored 1, paid 1 for Angel Correa, combined with another goal in the late game, Rodrigo de Paul to win. 3-1 narrowly passed in the group as second in the group behind Liverpool

after the game, Simeone said: “I’ve been at this club for 10 years but the team is still finding new ways to excite me.”

“Various difficulties With the fact that we don’t have three centre-backs, there are still players who haven’t played much that play a big role for us. Today is Versaljko’s chance. We know he can do the job. Kondogbia is the same.”

“The whole team was involved in the game. put in everything Put your heart into play We have a reliable goalkeeper in difficult times. Second half if they shoot from the chances they have. They would have defeated us.”

“We will remember this game as one of the most classic games of our lives. It was a great team in difficult situations, we are similar, this game has everything: red cards, lots of chances, football is beautiful,” he said.