“Walker” hot-headed, red carded unnecessarily

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola says Kyle Walker was sent off for an unnecessary foul. In the game they lost to RB Leipzig in the Champions League last night.

“The Blues” have definitely qualified as the champions of Group A. They invaded to play the last match of the rest of the program. while Leipzig have also finished third in the group.

Finally, it was Leipzig who won 2-1, with two goals coming from Conrad Leimer and Andre Silva before Riyad Mahrez headed the visitors

at the bottom of the minute. 83 Man City came down to 10 players following an incident where Walker slammed into Silva from behind. The referee had no choice but to immediately take out a red card

. Guardiola spoke of this rhythm in the interview room. “It’s definitely a red card,” then refused to say what he said to the players after the game.

It also told BT Sport that “It’s not necessary at all. It left him unable to play in the round of 16 teams, and Kyle Walker are very important to us “

,” we need to control your emotions at all. especially in this list Hopefully he will learn it in the future.”

Walker will be banned for one match in the first game of the knockout stages. but may still be banned